UK EV data points: Part II

Marching right in the footsteps of our previous entry, more data has emerged from another of the UK’s ongoing studies of electric vehicle usage. This one is following a fleet of 20 plug-able EVs for three years. The cars are third generation Priuses provided by Toyota and leased to business and other groups in London.

London is one of the most vehicularly crowded cites in the world, due partly to its ancient street layout – most U.S cities aren’t nearly as crowded and traffic here generally flows much more easily.

Researchers released some initial findings after nearly a year of monitoring the cars’ speeds, distances, operating times, fuel usage and other facts. Remember that unlike the cars in the previous entry, these are hybrids and not all-electrics; the Prius does have a gas (petrol) motor as well so fuel consumption is a valid statistic.

One interesting finding was that the average trip distance was just under 7-1/2 miles, with more than half of all trips being between 3 and 12 miles. Statistical average speed was 17.7 mph and two-thirds of all trips averaged less than 19 mph. Such is life in a crowded city.

Toyota noted that although the car is rated at a 12.5-mile range on battery only, about one quarter of the participants were able to exceed that range. They say that all-electric driving has accounted for about one-third of the miles driven so far.

Again remembering that UK voltage is double that of the U.S., the study found average plugged-in time for the cars was an hour and 12 minutes. They also took the “Thank You, Captain Obvious” award by noting that users with access to a home charging point recharged the car more frequently than other users.

Additionally, although the Priuses in use have a gasoline motor, Toyota announced that “Initial fuel consumption data indicates performance is 27 percent better than an equivalent diesel” without releasing actual gasoline numbers.

This seems to be the week for EV news from UK; we’ll keep watching.


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