New products in the mobile A/C universe

Compiled by Jim Taylor, Editor MACS ACtion Magazine

Bright Solutions dyes now certified

Bright Solutions International, LLC, is very pleased to announce that its A/C dye products have been successfully tested, approved and are now certified to meet the new SAE J2297 Standard for both R-134a and R-1234yf refrigerants.
The company’s Stay-Brite and Eco-Brite A/C dye formulations are establishing a lead in the industry. These A/C dyes also hold many OEM approvals and provide the industry unsurpassed performance and quality. Bright Solutions is a global supplier of unique tools, service equipment, specialty chemicals and fluorescent leak detection dye. Additional information can be found at

UView: iView cordless worklight

UView has introduced its latest cordless and rechargeable trouble light. An exclusive new single strip LED emits brilliant light at a wide angle from a single source, reducing shadows and hot spots in the work area.
The new unit provides over 330 lumens of light – the equivalent of a 75 watt incandescent bulb – all in a cordless package. A three-hour battery life and smart charger allows technicians to finish the job with the same bright light they started with. It’s product no. 413310, and is available now at

More from CSF
CSF continues to expand their range of replacement radiators and condensers by adding models for popular late model vehicles including ’08-10 Chrysler Town & Country/ Dodge Caravan, ’05-10 Dodge Dakota, ’09-10 Dodge Journey, 2010 Honda CR-V, ’07-10 Kia Rondo, ’06-10 Kia Sedona, ’09-10 Nissan Versa – featuring OE-style “plate type” transmission cooler – and 2010 Toyota Camry 2.5L.

Red Dot: New A/C System for Truck Sleepers

Red Dot Corporation now offers the “Sleeping Well Arctic 2000 Plus” through its network of warehouse distributors in North America. The unit is the latest generation of battery-powered auxiliary air-conditioning systems for commercial trucks. It is sold as a complete aftermarket installation kit that fits almost any sleeper and is powered by four auxiliary Group 31 AGM batteries.
The all-12-volt system with twin compressors maintains a comfortable environment while the truck engine is turned off. Improvements include upgraded diagnostics and a wireless remote control. Maximum power consumption is 55 amp/hr, a 26% reduction from the previous version.
The Sleeping Well Arctic Plus 2000 also has a shore power option, using 120V AC to provide indefinite cooling without idling, and the shore power unit is eligible for rebates under the STEP program administered by the U.S. Dept. of Energy and Cascade Sierra Solutions.

Big splices from AirSept

Rub-through damage, pinhole leaks, and cross-threaded joints on large diameter lines are no problem for technicians using AirSept’s Line Splice products. And now the company has introduced new 3/4-in,

15mm, and 16mm sizes that allow technicians to repair damaged A/C low side lines plus transmission, heater and power steering lines.
Line Splice products allow technicians to repair the damaged section without removing the entire line; that may sell a job otherwise cost-prohibitive to the customer. The Line Splice works on steel or aluminum lines and uses a new sealing sleeve that is wider than a standard o-ring. It seals against irregular tubing surfaces, preventing leak travel that can defeat narrow o-rings. The Line Splice works with an open end wrench—no costly crimping tools required.

V-Grip storage by Equipto

Equipto’s V-Grip flexible storage system evolves as your business does, offering more usable space and a labor-efficient parts storage capacity. Cramped space and increasing inventories of new sizes, shapes, weights, and quantities make efficient parts management difficult, and shop clutter quickly results.
The V-Grip storage system starts as raw shelving, then allows managers to create denser storage as business and storage needs change. Shelves, drawers, and other accessories including locking security doors can be added using a proprietary bracket system and without disassembly of the shelving. Multiple rows of adjustable shelving can accommodate your shop’s inventory and still keep small bulk parts available.
BMW, Toyota, and Harley-Davidson use Equipto’s V-Grip system for flexible parts storage. Get the full story at

TYC adds heater cores

TYC announces the addition of premium heater cores just in time for cold weather. TYC’s family of HVAC products now include replacement heater cores, evaporators, condensers, blowers, and cabin air filters. These units are designed as drop-in replacements to reduce installation time. They feature brazed aluminum tanks and tubes for improved longevity, are leak tested prior to leaving the manufacturing facilities, and come with the industry’s most comprehensive limited lifetime warranty. TYC offers undeniable value with high quality, competitive pricing, quick delivery, and outstanding customer service.

BVA Lubricants

BVA now offers UMAC 46, a universal lubricant that is ISO 46 and is designed to work with the new R-1234yf and R-134A. BVA UMAC 46 will be available with a fluorescent dye additive. BVA UMAC 46 is available in 8-ounce containers as well as quarts, gallons, 5 gallon, 55 gallon and totes.

Uniweld VaporVue charging device

Uniweld Products, Inc. introduces the VaporVue visible vapor charging device that absorbs heat naturally, flashes the liquid refrigerant from the cylinder and charges it into the system as a vapor. Connecting the VaporVue to the low side of your charging manifold will increase the charging rate up to 8 times faster.
The liquid is controlled by adjusting the manifold valve and monitoring the vapor rate through the double sight glass. The new tool is factory pressure tested at 800 psi and can be used to charge any auto and fleet air conditioning system using CFC, HCFC or HFC zeotropic and azeotropic refrigerants without danger
of liquid slugging and compressor damage. Patent pending.

Micro-channels from American Condenser

The A/C condenser market continues to evolve by developing better engineered products for your car. Over the last 20 years we’ve seen condensers change from tube and fin to multi-channel to serpentine to parallel flow and today we see micro-channel.
These super-thin tubes, with a fin height of 5mm, are the latest addition to the American Condenser catalog. Each condenser is tuned to a specific number of tubes and fin heights. In addition, each tube is designed for a specific width, height and number of channels. These very specific characteristics allow the condenser to provide the highest performance.
American Condenser is now manufacturing tubes to specific dimensions to fit these new designs. Ask our sales team or compare our product to the original. There is a difference when you build it right.

Globus Sistemas has the EDGE

Brazil based Globus Sistemas Eletrônicos Ltda has developed the EDGE electronic controller for application in HVAC-R in the automotive segment, and it may be applied to commercial vehicles, vans, buses, trucks and tractors. It provides a CAN interface, data-logger with USB port for exporting CSV files, real time clock, backlit display and automotive connectors.

Que’s CCW compressor

Que Products introduces the first QP31, 313cc heavy-duty swash plate compressor model to operate in a counter-clockwise rotation. This new CCW compressor offers new ways to mount the compressor, providing flexibility not offered from other compressor manufacturers. The oil pump and gear have been redesigned to offer superior lubrication in CCW rotation. Ask for part number QP31-1770

 Sealed brushless motors from SPAL

At the forefront of cutting edge cooling technology, SPAL is pleased to announce an addition to our brushless lineup. The new 280mm (VA99-ABL/BBL305-101A) fan is IP68 and IP6K9K compliant, ensuring the motor is fully sealed and will operate in the presence of most aggressive substances.
The brushless motor has the ability to operate at 10+G shock due to its unique design.
It can also utilize PWM controller technology, allowing for variable airflow. The integrated power and control electronics are separated within the motor, ensuring that the control electronics operate at lower surface temperatures to increase durability and reliability.
The SBL300 has a dual sealed ball-bearing design and delivers a product life of 30,000+ hours. SPAL’s brushless fan line is the perfect solution for your cooling needs including remote condenser applications and Tier 4 requirements.


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