Practice defensive A/C service

By Frank Walker

Defensive driving theory says that one should assume there is danger at every intersection and lane change, and drive accordingly. Defensive A/C service principles suggest assuming that every vehicle that pulls into your bay contains an illegal or mislabeled refrigerant mix, enough debris in the system to plug your service hoses or equipment plumbing, or some other contaminant that can knock out your service equipment and reduce your billable hours for several days.

The reality is thankfully not so dismal. However, it takes only one contaminated A/C system to cause business-killing equipment downtime, or one system with an improper blend to contaminate your refrigerant canister.

There are lots of reasons these rolling time bombs often show up at your bay doors. A failed compressor, burst desiccant bag, or deteriorating seals can generate debris that gets sucked into your service equipment during refrigerant recovery.

Poorly-skilled or DIY mechanics that remove and replace rather than properly diagnose and repair A/C system components, vehicle owners that repeatedly throw in their own refrigerant rather than finding and fixing leaks, and people who practice preventive maintenance as often as tipsy Uncle Al would pass up a free beer all contribute to the stinker car fleet. Add to that the horror stories about imported counterfeit refrigerant that may be flammable, and it’s enough to make all service providers wary of starting any A/C repair without first having the vehicle checked by Homeland Security.

So the defensive A/C service recommendation is to make sure that whatever comes out of every vehicle you repair passes through a refrigerant identifier and an add-on filter before reaching your service equipment.

Refrigerant identifiers feature a technology that has proven its worth to the A/C repair industry. Add-on A/C service filters that trap debris and other contaminants before they can enter and harm your service equipment are effective, reliable, and easy to use.

This A/C season, don’t be a victim of equipment downtime. Defend yourself. Get and use a refrigerant identifier and add-on A/C service equipment filters. And watch out for Uncle Al.

Frank Walker is V.P. of Marketing at AirSept, A MACS member and an Atlanta-based manufacturer of the Recycle Guard filter system for protecting A/C service equipment from contaminants, and other filters, tools and parts for A/C, power steering, transmission, cooling system, headlight restoration and other repair work. AirSept is a Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier to 16 OEMs


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Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide Founded in 1981, MACS is the leading non-profit trade association for the mobile air conditioning, heating and engine cooling system segment of the automotive aftermarket. Since 1991, MACS has assisted more than 600,000 technicians to comply with the 1990 U.S. EPA Clean Air Act requirements for certification in refrigerant recovery and recycling to protect the environment. The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide’s mission is clear and focused--as the recognized global authority on mobile air conditioning and heat transfer industry issues.
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