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Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide Founded in 1981, MACS is the leading non-profit trade association for the mobile air conditioning, heating and engine cooling system segment of the automotive aftermarket. Since 1991, MACS has assisted more than 600,000 technicians to comply with the 1990 U.S. EPA Clean Air Act requirements for certification in refrigerant recovery and recycling to protect the environment. The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide’s mission is clear and focused--as the recognized global authority on mobile air conditioning and heat transfer industry issues.
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One Response to All about receiver driers

  1. meyerjr says:

    A newbe to auto AC but learning fast. I was relieved to see the postscript video because I only recently learned of the “integrated” Receiver / Dryer with the (replaceable) desiccant supply as part of the condenser (e.g. Hyundai Accent)
    -As I understand it, IF the AC refrigerant circuit passes a leak test, after I recover any remaining refrigerant from the system. I could open the tube on the condenser, pull out the old “bag” /”tube” of desiccant and install a new one – just before pulling the proper, deep vacuum on the system and then adding the proper amount of oil and refrigerant.

    Further questions:
    Regarding the desiccant supply inside a standard, sealed Receiver/Dryer that has been in a system for several years and/or had the circuit open to air and moisture. Q: Does pulling the deep vacuum on the entire system, including the existing reliever / dryer, “re-activate” the desiccant’s ability to remove moisture?

    Regarding the sealed Receiver/Dryer” Q: Is the only reason that the “sight glass” has been removed from the receiver/dryer cans because of cost reduction? They are so helpful for quick troubleshooting of knowing if the mobile AC system having any refrigerant in the system … and I suspect to the trained eye, seeing the color and behavior of the liquid when the compressor is running tells several things before the gauges go on the system.

    I WISH that at some receiver/dryers would offer an upsell option to their models – one sub-model without and one sub-model # with a sight glass.


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