Meet MACS member Jim Hittman

Why should I become a member of MACS? What’s in it for me? Who will I meet? Will I be able to network? What kind of people are MACS members?

Jim Hittman

Jim Hittman

Well , meet MACS member Jim Hittman of Badger Truck Refrigeration in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

If you drive up to 6302 Texaco Drive in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, you come upon a big building where everyone is busy keeping trucks warm or cool on the road. This building houses the team of Badger Truck Refrigeration led by MACS board member Jim Hittman and his five partners.

Badger Truck Refrigeration Inc., founded in 1976, is a customer-oriented small business. Jim tells us his team has gained valuable experience with a wide variety of industries and applications, including: construction, mining, trucking, fire, forestry, agriculture, coach, bus and limo.


We asked Jim what sort of jobs Badger performs and he told us, “We are a Thermo King Service Dealer and we service and repair mobile heating and A/C systems, fire suppression in mobile applications, APU service and installation and engine/hydraulic preheat systems. We do not do any radiator business. We focus on truck refrigeration and on/off road heating and air conditioning. Our service bays are busiest during extreme temperatures in January and July.”

We asked Jim what concerns him as the industry moves toward multiple refrigerants. His response: “cross-contamination.”

Jim tells us, “Badger’s biggest challenge is the supply chain and our most valuable assets are our skilled employees.”

What kind of tools has Badger invested in this year? Jim explained, “An automated hose measuring and cutting machine, portable recovery equipment, and electronic gauges.”

A member of MACS for 24 years and a MACS section 609 proctor, Jim is also in his first term as a MACS board member serving the distributor membership.

We asked Jim why he and the Badger organization have invested in MACS membership. MACS keeps us informed about regulatory and technical training information. I find networking with other mobile A/C companies especially valuable, and enjoy the annual trade show where the technical training sessions and state of the industry are excellent.”

You can meet Jim Hittman and many more members of MACS at MACS 2015 Training Event and Trade Show, February 5-7, 2015 at the Caribe Royale All-Suite Hotel and Convention Center.



If you’re a service professional and not a MACS member yet, you should be! Become a member and receive a technical newsletter with information like what you’ve just read in this blog post visit for more information.

You can E-mail us at . To locate a Mobile Air Conditioning Society member repair shop in your area. Click here to find out more about your car’s mobile A/C and engine cooling system.

Mobile A/C professionals should plan to attend 35th annual Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide Training Conference and Trade Show, Meet me at MACS Make Connections that Matter, February 5-7, 2015 at the Caribe Royale, Orlando, FL.








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