See these new products at MACS 2015 Training Event and Trade Show

MACS 2015 New Product Showcase – List of New Products


TSI Supercool – Booth 506Supercool SAE Super Dye
Product Name: SAE Certified U/V Leak Detection Super Dye

Supercool is pleased to announce that our A/C Super Dye Products have been successfully tested, approved, and certified to meet SAE J2297 Standards. Supercool U/V Leak Detection Super Dye is a high performance, synthetic blend product that is SAE certified for R134a and HFO1234yf systems, safe for use in hybrid & electric vehicles, and compatible with all lubricants.  Supercool Super Dye fluoresces extremely brightly to detect even the smallest leaks.  Like our lubricants, Supercool U/V dye contains a proprietary additive package designed to protect and extend the life of the compressor, its components, and oil.  Anti-Wear Agents and Friction Modifiers enhance compressor and A/C system efficiency while reducing compressor wear rates, which extends compressor life.  Anti-Oxidants stop the oxidation process, reduce acidity and protect the system against formulation of sludge and other deposits which can shorten compressor life and reduce efficiency.


Coyote International, LLC – Booth 614
Product Name:
2” Flexhose 3-Way Hose Adapter (03-1820)

This new Flexhose connector is ideal for defrost applications, smaller louver attachments; and, tight spaces. Our new 2 ½” step up and 1” step down adapters can be added to the new product.

Schrader International – Booth 304

Alum PRV
Product Name:
AC and Fuel Valves

Spectra Premium Industries – Booth 405
Product Name:
Cooling Fan Assemblies

Spectra Premium now offers New Cooling Fan Assemblies. Designed to OE specifications with OE style connectors for plug and play installation. Manufactured with high quality components to reduce fan noise; as well as performance tested motors prior to packaging.

Spectra Premium Industries – Booth 405
Product Name:
Mass Air Flow Sensors

Spectra Premium now offers New Mass Air Flow Sensors, featuring our in-house Ceramic Circuit Board design which utilizes laser trimming calibration technology. This ensures duplication of air flow curve characteristics to meet performance specifications.

Spectra Premium Industries – Booth 405
Product Name:
Aluminum Oil Pan with Steel Drain Plug Insert

Spectra Premium now offers a New Aluminum Oil Pan featuring a Steel Drain Plug Insert. This steel insert significantly increases the life of the oil pan by providing increased durability while still maintaining the OE drain plug specifications.
T/CCI Manufacturing – Booth 408

Product Name:
The QPV25, a swash-plate compressor with 125cc displacement, is specially designed for automotive and small construction applications.  With variable pumping capabilities that balance performance to the amount of cooling required, the QPV25 increases fuel efficiency and provides enhanced durability.  T/CCI’s engineering experts can create custom solutions for your systems.

Thermotion LLC – Booth 416
Product Name:
Bi-Directional Heater Control Valves



DK Smith International Trade Inc. (Volta Air) – Booth #223
Product Name: Diesel Fired Air Heater

Snugger Air Heaters provide forced air heat using automatic temperature controls to maintain a comfortable air temperature for the operator. Snugger Air Heaters feature a compact design, simple installation and maintenance, with built in safety protection and self-diagnostics. This value product also features low operating costs with low emissions.

DK Smith International Trade Inc distributes the Snugger Heaters throughout North America from their distribution center located in Vancouver, Canada.

Snugger2KW Air Heater Kit


AGS Company – Booth  #522
Product Name
: FlareForce

AGSFF-1 out of case copy
FlareForce™ includes everything needed to ensure professional quality flares every time in the convenience of an all-in-one design!  Self-centers over the tube to provide accurate flares in less than 10 seconds!  A quick release allows easy insertion and removal of tubing.  Flare already installed line with one-handed trigger control operation.

AirSept, Inc. – Booth #402
Product Name:
Smart Splice Ultimate Line Repair System

76057 Ultimate System Box and Tray

AirSept’s Smart Splice™ Ultimate Line Repair System offers over 8,000 repair options for hose to hose, hose to tube, and tube to tube assemblies.  The versatile Ultimate System repairs air conditioning, coolant, heater, transmission, power steering and oil/transmission cooler lines on the vehicle, usually in five minutes or less.  AirSept’s OEM approved sealing technology is leak-free up to 2600 PSI, with no adhesives or special tools needed.

Bright Solutions – Booth #409
Product Name:
Universal Coolant Dye

Advanced formula provides a true universal coolant dye.  For use with all radiator coolants, including all colors of extended life and regular green glycol; Will not distort coolant color; Super-concentrated; Exceeds industry performance standards; OEM approved; REACH & CLP compliant.

CPS Products, Canada Ltd. – Booth #211
Product Name:
FX Series Refrigerant Management Center

CPS Automotive proudly presents the latest in ease and endurance with its FX Series line of Refrigerant Management Centers that quickly and efficiently recover, recycle, and recharge automotive AC systems. The FX Series features an entirely new design with an intuitive graphic user interface and touch screen controls.

Global Parts Distributor – Booth 201
Product Name:
5811584 Control Valve Tester



MAHLE Service Solutions – Booth 315
Product Name:
ArcticPRO ACX 1180


MAHLE Service Solutions – Booth 315
Product Name:
ArcticPRO ACX 1280

Tracer Products – Booth 305
Product Name:
TP-2210CS – Cool Seal™ Syringe Injector Kit

TracerP-2210CS App Shot CROPPED
Easy to use. Includes prefilled, disposable syringe, hose/coupler with check valve and adapter/purge fitting. Services 1 vehicle.  Comes in full-color clamshell packaging.
•Compatible with all popular refrigerants, including R-1234yf!*
•Meets SAE J2670 standard for mobile A/C system additives
*Not for use in hybrid vehicles with electrically driven compressors


About macsworldwide

Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide Founded in 1981, MACS is the leading non-profit trade association for the mobile air conditioning, heating and engine cooling system segment of the automotive aftermarket. Since 1991, MACS has assisted more than 600,000 technicians to comply with the 1990 U.S. EPA Clean Air Act requirements for certification in refrigerant recovery and recycling to protect the environment. The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide’s mission is clear and focused--as the recognized global authority on mobile air conditioning and heat transfer industry issues.
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