Spring training

By Steve Schaeber, MACS manager of service training

It’s that time of year again at MACS when we’re off and running, putting together the final touches on another full slate of mobile A/C training classes, and we’re branching out again this year with a few regional events in partnership with MACS members across the US and Canada. Presentations include our award winning Mobile A/C Update clinic, Heavy Duty Vehicle A/C seminar and Section 609 Certification classes. www.macsw.org website by clicking on the Training tab.

The 2016 Mobile A/C Update brings you up to speed on what’s been going on in our industry, new rules and regulations that have been finalized by the EPA (including a few proposals we expect to see), along with A/C specific technical information. We’ve also made sure to include coverage of MACS 2016 into our live classes, including a recap of the State of the Industry, highlights of this year’s OEM panel discussion (with representation by GM, Ford, FCA, JLR and EPA) as well as Lunch with Al McAvoy, a special look at FCA’s experience with their fleet of R-1234yf vehicles. We hope you’ll get a chance to take part in one of these clinics.

On May 4th I’ll be co-hosting our second YouTube Live Event with Tim Wagaman, senior product manager for air conditioning & fluid products at Robinair (Bosch Automotive Service Solutions). Together we’ll present a web version of the MACS Section 609 Certification class followed up by a Q&A discussion. We’ll talk about the environmental effects of refrigerant being vented to the atmosphere, learn why venting refrigerant is prohibited, discuss the federal rules and regulations that apply to mobile A/C system service, and how to properly recover refrigerant. We’ll also review tools and equipment, various refrigerants, and recommended best practices.


Robinair is sponsoring the event, which means they’re paying for the first 175 technicians who want to become certified during the live webinar. Sign up is available on http://www.macsw.org or by calling (215) 631-7020. You’ll receive a study guide and test along with a link to the webinar, which will be presented live on https://www.youtube.com/user/MACSWorldwide (our YouTube channel) at 4:00 PM EDT on May 4, 2016. If you miss the free test you can still take part, but you’ll have to pay the normal $20 fee. If you’re already certified (or have recently re-certified to the new “yf” version of the test), you don’t need to register or pay; the webinar is free and open to the public, and we encourage all mobile A/C technicians to participate. There’s a lot to learn about 609 and mobile A/C, even if you’re already an expert!

Mobile A/C Update Topics:

  • Logical thinking saves time & effort
  • Temp sensor strategies & diagnostics
  • Clean air started here
  • A few A/C shorts
  • News you should know
  • Update on regulations, yf, CO2 & 609
  • News & coverage from MACS 2016


Section 609 Webinar Topics:

  • Why venting refrigerant is prohibited
  • Federal MVAC rules & regulations
  • Refrigerant recovery & handling
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Refrigerants & the EPA SNAP list
  • New EPA rules & proposals
  • Mobile A/C Best Practices

Note: Are you interested in partnering with MACS to provide the best in Mobile A/C training? Would you like to become a MACS training proctor? Visit our website www.macsw.org for more information, or call us at (215) 631-7020.


About macsworldwide

Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide Founded in 1981, MACS is the leading non-profit trade association for the mobile air conditioning, heating and engine cooling system segment of the automotive aftermarket. Since 1991, MACS has assisted more than 600,000 technicians to comply with the 1990 U.S. EPA Clean Air Act requirements for certification in refrigerant recovery and recycling to protect the environment. The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide’s mission is clear and focused--as the recognized global authority on mobile air conditioning and heat transfer industry issues. www.macsw.org
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