Training classes offered at MACS 2020 Training Event and Trade Show

MACS 2020 Training Event and Trade Show offers 32 different mobile A/C training classes, in the next blogs we are going to view them all!

Electrical Systems Power Management – Impact on HVAC Operation                                                                                                              

PETER ORLANDO Carquest Technical Institute

Winter Complaint “My rear defogger, heated seats and mirrors don’t seem to be working right.” Is it truly a systems malfunction or is the vehicle load shedding?

Summer Complaint “My A/C needs a charge.” Is it an A/C problem or is the vehicle load shedding? Can the HVAC system on a modern vehicle be telling us that there’s a bad battery on board? YES!

What percentage of time will the HVAC system be cycled OFF during a load shed level 3 event on a 2017 Chevy Malibu? Are there levels of load shedding? YES!

The customer’s awareness of this will begin gradually, and eventually they’ll bring the vehicle in for service. The technician will usually find ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with the A/C or heating system.

The modern power management system on today’s vehicles is vastly different than just a few years ago. We are now measuring, calculating, and reporting the voltage, current, temperature, state of charge, health, and function across multiple networks to optimize vehicle performance. Ever realize you left the headlights on, and wonder how the battery didn’t go dead overnight? The answer is Power Management. However, as the vehicle begins to age, so does the battery. Consumer convenience of certain climate control system functions will be impeded, and at times, not appear to be working at all. The key to all of this is knowing what climate control systems functionality will be impacted by any electrical system deficiencies or degradation.

The class will include checking vital signs with a scan tool; load shed criteria and load reduction level counters; understanding net battery amp hours; proactive alerts: diagnostics and prognostics. Students that take this seminar will have a thorough understanding of domestic system load shedding, and the effect it has on HVAC system functionality.

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