A/C System Components


12 Responses to A/C System Components

  1. joshua piper says:

    i have a 01 lincoln ls its only blowing cold on one side thers a tsb on the dccv i did it and i have the same thing what do u think

  2. Bill Mercer says:

    I am a retired A.C. technician, but still work part time as a auto parts salesman. What I need is up to date information on changes to HVAC systems to be able to properly advise technitians in Canada how to get the proper products and techniques required to recognise and service newer A.C. systems. Is there a publication available I can use.
    Bill Mercer

  3. Dan says:

    I know that technicians have to be trained and certified to service A/C, just wondering of there is any type of certification that the employer has to maintain.

    • Dan:

      Recordkeeping is the responsibility of the employer as stated in Section 609 of the clean air act. You must maintain the EPA registration record on your recovery/recycle machine and you should have copies of your employee’s section 609 credentials in thier employee files.

  4. James Hegedus says:

    has anyone used a oroduct called Leakguard? If so did you have any success with it

  5. Home page says:

    Been to the (MACS) 2013 Training Event and Trade Show at the Caribe Royal Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. and I have learned a lot from the show and met great people.

  6. about 8 or so years ago i purchased a specifications manual from an outside vendor that was put out by macs. the most informative auto related manual i ever read. someone borrowed noone returned . how do i get my hands on one of these

  7. Gary Jewett says:

    My system doesn’t seem to keep up with the demand.
    I have replaced the compressor, condenser, orifice tube, accumulator and all the sensors.
    If I just let it idle, it will get down to 62 degrees F.
    When I take it out on the road, the coolest I can get is 80 degrees F.
    I have taken it to a AC repair shop and they have put gauges on to test the freon level.
    When running it coldest at idle, the condenser is hot but not excessively, The line going into
    the evaporator is cold and the one coming out to the accumulator is cool, but no excessively.
    The orifice tube is almost three feet away from the evaporator and the tube is cold but would
    also seem to lose some of its cooling capacity before it gets to the evaporator.
    Any suggestions as to what the real problem is?

  8. Steve says:

    Do you know your pressure readings.that would help
    By the sounds of it you Heater is on , check blendor flaps/doors for sealing also your heater taps, hoses for temperature. as a good system should have 42 degs or better cooling

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